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New Product + Feature FAQs!

Switchboard Email

Switchboard Forms FAQs

Audience Builder FAQs

Switchboard Analytics

Getting Started with Texting

Getting Started

Need a Demo? Start Here First!

Overview of Switchboard

Request a Switchboard Account

Navigate the Homepage

Navigate Your Switchboard Menu


Integrations FAQ

How to Use Reusable Fields

Text Broadcasts + List Types

Build a New Broadcast

Phonelist Overview

[Playlist] Phone List Types

Upload Media to Broadcast

Schedule Send Broadcasts

Pause Broadcast in Progress

Send a Test Message

Tips for Formatting Your Texts

Broadcast Stats

Automatically Pause and Unpause your Broadcasts


Create Labels and Syncing Labels with NGPVAN

Upload CSV with Labels

Apply Labels to Contacts in Messaging Threads

NGPVAN + Switchboard

Set up Your NGP Integration

Request API Key + App Name

Make Your NGPVAN Lists Appear in Switchboard

Create and Sync Labels with NGPVAN

Broadcast List Type: NGP/VAN/Every Action Saved List

Switchboard Playlists

Texting Users

Field + Switchboard

Finance + Switchboard

Consultants + Switchboard

Switchboard Admins

Toll Free, 10DLC, and Registration FAQ


Managing Your Account

Add New Members/Users to Switchboard

Edit Member Roles + Removing Members

Reset Your Password

Help Users Get Logged On

Check Your Balance

Sending Hours

Two Factor Verification

Email Notifications


Custom Opt-Outs

Message Threads + Canned Responses

Administrator: Allowing Users to Claim Contacts

Claim and Release Replies

View All Threads: Your Switchboard Inbox

View All Threads: Edit Filters

Switchboard Opt-Out Scores

Create Canned Responses

Use Canned Responses

Automated Responses

Create Automated Response by Keyword

Create Automated Messages to New ActBlue Donors

Create New Subscriber Message


Create Personalized Shortlinks

Edit Shortlink

Add Shortlink to Broadcasts

Access a Shortlink’s QR Code

Enable + Disable Shortlinks

Track Shortlink Visits

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